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    I was talking to a friend of mine who was very dear of mine, when he was telling me how he was lonley, giving up and just accepting the fact that he woukd be forever alone. So I told him the above and I just really wanted to share it with you all, because I find that when I read this, it gives me hope myself and I just believe that it will give you guys hope too. That we are not alone, that there will one day be someone out there for us too...

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    My Dear Friend Of Mine

    My breath isn't the one to be held, I am a firm believer that we have someone out there that we can love, that can love us back.
    Our issues, our fights, our lovless nights and our warm embraces.
    To love someone is to accept their full packaging, no matter how banged up it may seem. It's not always whats outside the package, but inside that counts. You can have a torn package yet inside that package, there would be a beautiful delicate vase, crafted for that person out there.
    We spend our whole life looking for love, a warm embrace and no lonly nights.
    Once we are hurt, we crave any thing that will stop the lonliness we feel. But we must never give up. Because sometimes, just sometimes, in the light of dawn, our lovers are waiting with keen hearts and maybe even a few rips and bruises here and there themselves ...