• fulfil 5w

    Spring gates Writing Challenge


    Oh Death! How greedy you are!
    You took away all the precious possession I ever had;

    My Entire Family,both young and old.
    Irregardless of the baby been a few months old.
    Not minding that I lived on their smiles.

    My father, mother and my lovely sisters,
    All taken away by a single disaster.
    You took them away at a speed of light..
    And I never got to say Goodbye
    After saying goodnight..

    How I wish you never existed,
    At least when my family existed..
    So many wishes wanted, Not a single one granted..

    I sit alone all day long,
    with Lamentations as my only song..
    I kept asking myself what went wrong,
    And why I was spared from your hungry prongs..

    I really miss them and everything about them..
    I wish I could do more than missing and wishing...
    I wish I could get a Miracle and end my Lamentations....