• sadar_ammar 5w

    Out of my bubble

    I'm in a bubble high up in the mountains in my little corner where no one can see me
    I've seen it all but I've forgotten the beauty of it
    I've forgotten the beauty of the nature surrounding us
    I've forgotten how the sound of silence is ever so peaceful
    I've gone around the world to get me out of my bubble and,
    I've done it alone with no one to help and,
    Along the way I found the beauty the world holds

    Nobody told me about it just gave me imaginations about it
    I stand here out of my bubble on top of a mountain waving my hands up in the air
    For the wild child in me is no longer caged in this land
    A land where I've got freedom ive longed for for so long and,
    I'm finally turning the page to the next chapter of my life where I've got freedom
    Where I'm no longer in a bubble