• mindless_aim 35w


    Let me fucking breathe!
    Let me fucking see!
    Let me fucking sing!
    Let me fucking scream!!!!

    You suffocate me. Break me down.
    Sweet one second, then right back around.
    I can't take your shit. I'm tired of the abuse.
    I'm fucking sick of feeling used.
    You fuck with my head.
    I'm the blame because I let you in!
    Told you my secrets. I shared my all.
    You were the one pushing me to fall!
    You crossed the line! Several times!
    I've turned away. You ignored the signs.
    You can't control me anymore.
    Pick up my pieces off the floor.
    I treated you good. You treated me bad.
    You really don't know what you had.
    Call me up? You wanna come home?
    Go fuck yourself! You're on your own!
    When we were together, I wanted to die!
    I can't do this to myself, I have too much pride!
    Karma is a bitch. You'll get what you deserve.
    As for me, I now come first.