• myownideals111 6w

    After all these years of separation,
    still I think of you with the same adoration.
    It's not our fault that we are not together,
    We surely fought for one another.
    But things sometimes are complicated,
    And we know our love can never be replicated.
    You are there for me and I am there for you,
    That is a promise we'll never break through.
    Those small moments we spent together,
    Were so pure to be celebrated.
    Our souls were cherished with one another
    We never touched, to let our relation unaffected,
    By this lusty world...
    We were way too far from these impure issues,
    We knew the world will be jealous by our purity;
    And would want to separate us soon,
    Still we enjoyed every moment with surety...
    We protect each other till now,
    Whether we are in front of these
    dormant eyes or not,
    We are planting seeds of love and belief,
    Because we reap what we sow.
    Still anyone asks about the experience of love,
    We just take a glance at each
    other in our hearts itself,
    And We cherish with joy and love,
    And people confuse with themselves...
    We are the soothing dreams
    of a tired and hazy night,
    Does it matter if we cannot hold
    each other tight??
    The way we look at each other in public,
    Only we can see the volcano of
    love bursting in those eyes....
    The world can't even see the silent struggles ,
    That we did in order to save each other,
    And after all these years of separation,
    Have no difficulty in recognizing through those opaque, fake and sorrowful worldly limits!!!

    #love #separation #limits #noboundaries

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