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    The people killed in the terrorist attack on 26/11/2008 were mostly Indians (138), versus non Indians (28).

    From the Wikipedia page - - one can view names of the Indian casualties. One can then try to estimate their religion from their name, if one is thus morbidly inclined.

    On the basis of this quick check, one comes up with 32 Muslim casualties.

    I am not counting the terrorists here, because clubbing them with the poor victims would be a bigger tragedy than the attack itself.

    Also, please account for the limitations of Wikipedia articles, I have not done so here.

    Sohel Abdul Sheikh (5)
    Siddhiq Firoz Sheikh (39)
    Heena Sheikh (16)
    Shabira Majid Sheikh (40)
    Hasina Sheikh (20)
    Manora Begam (60)
    Mukhtar Sheikh (45)
    Abdul Razak (22)
    Frook Nasiruddin Khaliluddin (53)
    Asif Mohammed (26)
    Firoz Khan (44)
    Ramzan Sharif Kadar (23)
    Abdul Salam Qureshi (50)
    Fakir Mohammed (38)
    Abdul Rashid (45)
    Mohammed Siddique (29)
    Nafisa Sadaf Qureshi (46)
    Imran Bagwan Babu (33)
    Sabbir Abdul Dalal (52)
    Miraj Alam (24)
    Mumtaz Khan (28)
    Rehmant Ali Sheikh (17)
    Mohammed Ayub Abdul Ansari (25)
    Habibul Rahman Khan (30)
    Afroz Abbas Ansari (30)
    Mohammed Parvez Ansari (27)
    Ibrahim Abdul Rehman (45)
    Asif Babubhai Menan
    Manvara Ali Sheikh (60)
    Hawa Begam Abdul Sheikh (25)
    Sahabaj Zakir Khan (29)
    Raziyabegum Ayub Qureshi (35)

    Wikipedia also lists out four "Unknown" people whose name, and hence religion, could not be determined via the colour of their blood.

    Unknown (60)
    Unknown (40)
    Unknown (35)
    Unknown (25)

    Hmm...Mumbai 20% muslim and 10% victims were muslim......they targeted Hindus mainly.
    my response takes on another flavour

    It is highly unlikely that "Hindus were targetted mainly".
    CST is right next to a highly Muslim-dominated area. Muslims and Hindus (and Parsis and Christians and others) all throng to this station at all hours of day and night.

    The taxis that went ballistic around Metro Cinema also passed through areas with mixed religious population.

    Keep in mind that if the Mazagaon aspect of the plan had fructified, this count might have been much higher. Mazagaon, Byculla, these are all residential areas which are mostly Muslim. Who knows what they were going to do there?

    As for percentages of Hindus and Muslims.
    Let's see, since you're only talking about Hindu and Muslim, let me take only the Indian casualty. At this point the sordidness of the exercise is beyond belief, but what the heck.

    138 Indians killed.
    Muslims killed = minimum 32, maximum 36 (counting "unknowns")
    % of Muslims killed = minimum 32/138 = 23.19%
    maximum 36/138 = 26.09%

    Both greater than your "Mumbai 20% muslim" figure.

    As for "Mumbai 20% muslim" and what-not. I don't know if this fact is true. I doubt it. It's possible the population is higher than that, but you know what?

    It doesn't matter.

    People died.

    They were Mumbaikars

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    Koi mazhab kharab nahi hota, kharab to insaan ki soch hoti hai,
    Aur kharab soch wale insaan ka koi mazhab nahi hota.