• esther_s 6w

    This is something I had composed during a travel today...hope u all like it
    Do comment and let me know how this feels ����

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    Lush green forest

    The trip has started
    The bus trudging on
    Everyone is excited
    To reach the awaited destination

    But for me
    What matters more
    Is the path
    We would be taking
    As into the lush green forest
    The bus keeps trudging on

    The whistling of the birds
    As they chatter away
    The serenity of the trees
    As they sway in the wind
    The grace of the clouds
    As they move far away
    Laden with water
    As if full to bursting point !

    These moments
    Are the cherished ones
    When I have my thoughts
    Only to myself
    Nothing coming in between
    Me and my
    Lush green forest