• theyoungpoet 5w

    Every time I think of you
    I just get scared
    Cause I realise one day I have to face you
    I don’t have any words for you
    Just the whole idea of having my eyes on you again scares me.
    I don’t wanna have the same dance around feelings again. Don’t even know if I could have you in my life again.
    Some many mistakes I made before you
    All I see in my past is the people I left behind cause I couldn’t handle there lack of care for my feelings.
    Now your at the top of my list only I won’t hate you cause partially I feel you respect me. Wouldn’t it be easy if I could just blur out the memories. Start a fresh part of me longs to even be your friend but right now that’s not a option I’m fixing my self and trying to be a better version of me.