• soni_27 5w

    Time flies by...

    As in it was yesterday had you and loving your words around me,
    Those cherished memories of childhood, you being there for me at all the pitfalls of my life,
    As time rolls by and I see you out of my visions now,
    Feel weak to my knees for its empty houses and just some blood relations but not you when I just want to hold you and sleep on your lap,
    But time leaves its gaps,
    And all I have with me is handfull of memories down the lane and a picture of you to be cherished in the heart plains,
    When there was so much to say and talk,
    Didn't have time to speak kept things for why now let's do it tomorrow and now that you have left as a body feel the pinch down in the heart weeping a self and saying why didn't I take that call??
    It's like miles away you went and can't go searching for you in depths of the vast galaxy only your fond memories beside me now.
    Love and miss you mummy.☹