• thatchristiangirlhymsing 23w

    Day Dream

    As she sat down to study.
    Turning the pages of her book.
    Her mind wandered.
    Taking her back to the classroom.
    Where she met him for the first time.
    He always wore the same white shirt and black pants.
    With cufflinks marked by his initial.
    His spectacles which he removed after entering the class.
    Stolen glances.
    She remembered all the moments she spent with him alone.
    The brimming chemistry.
    Her name never felt so special before.
    When he takes her name
    So lovingly and in that sweet whisper
    Her heart skips a beat.
    When he keeps looking at her when she talks to someone else.
    When he feels that her safety is his priority.
    There is a suspense, a mystery in their every interaction.
    Eyes convey the feelings which the lips are afraid to say.
    She comes out of the trance and glances at the clock.
    One hour has gone already!