• sanyaagarwal 5w

    Incredible Rajasthan

    When in Rome be like Romans"
    A well said quote , be whatever the city is manifesting.A place whose sand is older than history itself, a place whose customs are a quintessence of hospitality, yes,its Rajasthan.
    The place whose palaces and tombs are a living example of time travel, the air which blows is a heart warming welcome to the tourists, the rendezvous of faith,belief and culture and the hues of happiness shredded unbarred.Rajasthan has all the beauty, the kings , queens and their kingdom have carved, still preserved in its heart .Also can be termed as The state of hues ,Rajasthan has Jodhpur-The blue city,Jaipur-thepink city,udaipur-the white city,Jaislemer -the golden city and much more is hidden in its depth
    Udaipur has completely submerged its authenticity and ethnicity in its lakes ,the Fateh Sagar Lake,Lake Pichola, Udaipur. Udaisagar Lake, Jaisamand Lake . Doodh Talai (Milk Pond), . Swaroop Sagar Lake still are a must visit place. The city palace of udaipur at a height of 801 ft is majestically royal,the beads,textures and the old carvings is a gateway to paradise which comes in life just by touching .the view of udaipur from the topmost point of city palace is so mesmerizing that it ostracizes a person from his busy schedule,.Coming down, the museum which manifests the bravery of Maharana Pratap is enough for anyone to get to know the amount of courage and strength the city beholds. The myriad of jewels ,clothings,accessories are available in there to promote their culture.
    Isn't it so amazing that the care ,love showered by the mahrajas and kingdom still is residing with same serenity.
    "The way to one's heart goes through one's stomach"So how can Rajasthan leave us being unamazed in this respect. The savouring and delicious flavours,spices and fragrance are well amalgamated in the indigenous food of Rajasthan 'The Dal Bati Choorma,Ker Sangri,Pithod ki Sabzi ,Gatte ki Sabzi and also Laal Mans.
    So next time you visit Rajasthan take a look into their cultural food except your own daily staple diet.
    The cultural shows add another feather to the fabulousness of this city,which depicts Ghoomer, (dances)Kalbeliya,Bhavai,Kathputli,.Kachchhi Ghodi.,Gair.,Chari,Chang.
    Adventure is present in each page of Rajasthan,exuberance in each swirl ,Faith and belief in each line and love and enthusiasm in each letter. Really amazing Rajasthan.The visit to this place might not have changed much in its relationship with the country but a lot in my perceptions towards people,place and the land itself.