• queen_of_words_ashu 19w


    When pain started flowing in form of tears,

    Eyes got blocked by curtains of fear..

    To lean upon my head on someone, I didn't met,

    Felt like the hope of sun got set..

    The leaves of smile started to collapse
    From branch of my happiness,

    I got wrapped in the arms of loneliness..

    The cloud of my cry got Burst,

    But nobody was there to trust..

    Being along I felt like frozen & cold,

    There was no pillar where I can hold..

    Suddenly someone gave me attention,

    Little I came out from depression..

    To rest my head he gave me his shoulder,

    I came ahead from my hurt smolder..

    He became my support in the time of blue,

    Bit by bit my pain began to flew..❤️

    Again the courage stepped within me,

    To stand on my feet, strong became my knee..❤️

    He pulled me near and hold me in his arm,

    Promised me of not getting anything wrong..

    I felt safe when he pulled me near,❤️

    Once more , I saw my path getting clear..