• london_sky 10w


    As soon as I come up for air you drag me down below the waves, and all I can do is breathe.
    My heart slowly comes to a cease.
    My eyes close shut and for once I shed tears in hopes this will all end, but instead I get tossed around in the sand.

    When will I fly?
    When I can I escape this insufferable lie?
    It's slowly suffocating me to the point of losing all motivation of life.
    The light fading as I am being taken deeper once again, the thoughts in my head driving me to take the knife once again.

    What do I have to do to win this?
    Suddenly I am met with a cliff.
    Before I can turn around a black stallion is rushing at me with his ears pinned, nostrils flared, panicked I look out at the cliff.
    Where am I to go but down? No other way to go around.
    The pounding steps of the stallion gaining and my heart just keeps spinning.
    Anxiety rushes through my veins as I force myself off the edge and fall.

    Afterall one can not become something new without falling and beginning again.
    Awakening from this nightmare I watched the cycle begin again and my hands are tied behind my back once again.