• spread_smiles_wid_luv 22w

    Dear heart

    Now it's ur turn dear heart ,
    In every situation i followed u ,
    I got ambitions which r new ,
    U gave m all feelings which
    Made m what m now ...
    Bt it's ur turn dear heart ..
    To follow what i want to ..
    U hav to listern my silly rules ,
    U hav to stay stable when i told u ,
    U hav to make m feel liable to handle u ,
    Dear heart it is ur turn to know ,
    How to understand world ,
    Coz it is really different nd horible too ..
    What u feel it may b wrong ,
    U care more, it may b ur fault ....
    So dear heart it's my order too,
    Listern my silly rules coz it is needful to live ..