• lillacmeteorskies 5w

    Duct tape, glue and mornings to keep your sanity.


    Lit up with every coincidence, lit up with every smile, lit up with every time your perfume passes me by, reassured by the way you tilt your head, reassured by an "i need you" right before you go to bed. I see walking without ever looking back, and i see myself forever stuck in the past. Endless nights and beautiful mornings. Broken at night, but reassured in the morning. Like a ten year old, holding her safety blanket, and your fears are currently my bandage, it's duct tape and glue because this way everything will look exactly like it did when it was brand new. Is it too much to want more, is it wrong to need a little more. On a scale of infinity to infinity how much do you fear change, cause i'm apparently building my life around it, and so, here we are again. Duct tape and glue, i will try to sleep through the nights and not wake up in the afternoons.