• elroi7 22w

    Letting go of you

    Letting go of you.. it was like getting to a shore in an endless sea, constantly paddling the waves that come crushing in, i paddle with the little hope that one day I'll make it alive, I'll get to see the shore that is on the other side. little by little surviving the waves, the rains, and the storms while half way realizing it's more silent than before, understanding that the waves were way bigger by the shore, and I could finally see beyond the horizon. I could paddle with faith through the remaining space, that there was between me and my new place, and when finally I stood and felt the freedom again, all I could do is look back and smile to the far away land, I made it from.To the waves that shaped me into a sailor, to the rains that made me braver and to the storms that only made me stronger, i smiled and waved goodbye right before looking right into my new path.