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    Fade to Black chapter 6


      There we were on the rock looking at the stars in the dark sky. After leaving the party then stopping at the diner I had this feeling I pretty sure I never had in a long time for a boy. I never let myself have that feeling for a long time. I usually put this feeling away fast. I don't know why I'm feeling this way. I just met him today so why am I'm feeling this way. I couldn't let myself feel this way towards a friend. A friend I could get him caught up in my crazy world. I had this same feeling for my best friend and when I kiss him he told me he's gay. That didn't change anything though. He's still my best friend. He was the one boy I felt that way for.  What if he's gay. He handsome  and he's nice a not a jackass. Most dudes this handsome would he would be gay. Most dudes dress nice but he seem to dress better than any dude I knew.

      When I arrive at the party that night I didn't really expect him to exactly come, until I saw my best friend, Winston. He seemed to be walking with a boy. For a matter of fact this boy was his long time crush, Calvin. Maybe he could settle down and stop picking up straight guys at party's. He and Calvin walked towards me not sharing any sense they were together. Winston still never came out. Most girls hit on him most of the time. I would too. He's funny, energized, smart, and handsome. "How's my favorite girl," said Winston. "Good I'm just look for him," I replied. "Oh yeah, mystery boy you met today. Hey how come I don't know this mystery boy's name." "Oh I don't know, maybe your going to find him first and take him back to your dorm," I said. "I would have done that if I didn't talk to Calvin" he said. *Speaking of dudes I got this new roommate and I'm sure he would be good for you* he said. "No offense Winston. "I fell in love with you what if you new roommate might do the same" I replied. "There's no way. I could tell. He probably had six girlfriends in his life and fithteen night stands." *What you know that by just looking at him" I said. I usually observe everything on his body. He dress nice and he walks like great and he has a firm grip," He said. "Well anyway were going to go somewhere quiet," he said. I gave him a hug and kiss him on the cheek and told him and Calvin I will see them later.

       I looked everywhere in the whole party looking for untill I saw him in the kitchen smoking weed. Of course he saw the friendly college stoners. They did it to me to when I first got there. When I walked to him he seem to be holding in the smoke for about twenty seconds. Longer did anyone ever. When I touch him and he turned around he seemed to be happier than ever. I don't know if he was happy I was there or the weed kicked in fast and he thought I was a T-REX. After seeing him then the real party started. I never knew he could party harder than me. He literally got on the kitchen table and did a handstand with one hand. Then when the DJ played Biggie "Juicy" he literally made everyone move out the way and start break dancing to a song where it's impossible to break dance to. The rhythm of the song doesn't match how you dance but, for some reason he maid it work. He said he could run and jump on the wall and then jump on the stairs railing. The only problem was when we he did it he actually flew threw the the railing and the white little stance that was holding up the stairs. After that I maid show he was with me the rest of the night.

      And then we were at the rock looking up at the stairs. Should I do it now. What if he didn't like me like that he maybe wanted to be friends. He wasn't like any other guy. "Marcus. Would you consider me to be one night stand type or girlfriend material." "Easy you would be considered anything you want. You seem like the type of girl that knows what she wants and will fight hard to get therefore you might fight hards for a relationship to work. An maybe some day you just want meanless sex to release stress." "Can I ask you something Marcus" I said. "Sure go ahead," he said. "Did you or do you have a girlfriend? Have you ever had a one night stand? He laughed until he saw the look on my face.

      "Well if you want to know I have had four girlfriends in my whole life and no I do not have a girlfriend at this moment. and eight one night stands," he said. P"Look there's something I have been meaning to tell you something. Kaitlyn I been feeling something for you and I completely understand if you don't feel the, and before he could finish I threw myself on him and place my lips on his. It felt sensational. His warm blistering lips on mines but, then I realized he wasn't kissing me back. I quickly got up and turned around. No matter how much I tried to hold in the tears. Maybe I would never find somebody. Maybe Winston could set me up with his roommate.

      I just got up in walked towards the car not looking back at him. Before I could make it to the car Marcus turned me around and place his lips on mine. Then he let go. "I wanted to kiss you first but, you beat me to it." He lifted me up from my legs allowing me to wrap my legs around his waist. I kissed him with all my passion even I kissed him tender. Biting his lips. His sweet beautiful lips. He sat me down on the rock and that's when I knew it was going to be hell of a night.