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    Ok...so...this might not be so great...I had a mental block all day...


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    Last week..
    When they brought you into the hospital
    Bloodied and broken..
    And when you breathed your last..
    I felt my whole world crumble into pieces
    Faintly registering those hushed words
    That the nurses and paramedics exchanged...
    I heard them say..
    "Love liked things broken"
    It made me wonder..
    Is that why you left me..
    So broken..?

    You remember right..
    You used to whisper
    lovingly in my ears that..
    "Everything is fair in love and war"
    Today I went to your funeral
    Everybody told me to stay strong...
    They told me that you are
    In a better place now...
    Away from all sufferings..
    But yours are only words
    That rang in my ears
    It made me wonder...
    Is that why they said...
    It was fair for you
    My love ...
    To die...?

    It had been raining all day,
    On my way back from your funeral..
    I tripped on a stone
    That I hadn't noticed..
    landing on the wet ground..
    My face got wet with the tears that the sky shed
    The wind whistled lowly
    But I could still make out the words that it said..
    It made me wonder..
    Is that why...
    You closed your eyes...
    Pretending not to see me

    I couldnt stand being away from you
    For long...
    So I crept out at night..
    And went to sit by your grave...
    Tracing my finger along your name
    That was engraved on to the cold stone..
    I spoke to you...
    Telling you how much I miss you..
    And that I love you...
    Crying for you to answer me back..
    I waited that night...
    With baited breaths...
    Hoping to hear your melodic voice..
    Whispering in my ears...
    Those three magic words back to me...
    But you never replied...
    And under the moonlight..
    It made me wonder...
    Was love mute too?