• deesboy 24w

    How soon can one conclude that what he or she feels for the other is love.
    Is there too soon for one to claim loving?

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    Having all dreams
    Love wasn't one of them
    She came like nothing in his fanciful whims
    He had placed a value for every treasure but not for this one gem
    Nothing was like her
    Her beauty was unparalleled
    Her charming voice and words exceptional
    Her grace flawless
    Every quality in her was noteworthy
    In all aspects his life seemed to take a direction of change
    Given a his intuitive personality it was very strange
    He had fallen
    All so sudden
    But with this stranger felt close
    He could not station the intriguing force
    So soon, the mind knew but heart understood in its own way
    Sanity, as if moonstruck he fed his hopes of love a feeling he couldn't slay
    As his dreams now knitted in hers
    Cautious though of making a great fuss
    He took to his pen and paper poured his emotions for her
    In his paper she was his and there, not really far
    His didn't hold back an emotion over his timorous mind
    He was convinced the heart had all it had to find
    Believing it is love now he waits for two things "Chance and Forever"
    He waits for the pervading liking to find a way and bring them together
    The uncertainty of future aggresses
    But still holds firm to the hope of chance and forever