• mschrissydee 11w

    You are loved

    You are the north and morning star beloved, don't you know that you are loved, your kind heart and spirit are seen at this time of uncertainty do not allow things seen and unseen steal your peace. This is a poem of encouragement friend to friend, I am here guided to give you what you have exhausted, all concentration of attention and affection, I am "light & love", lead by spirit, believe in the atmosphere manipulated to take action to be present here with you to let you know you are not alone, at this time look around at the simpler things like the blue sky, the birds chirping in the morning through your window, flowers bloom, dark nights turn to bright sunny days just is the promise, beloved, this too will come to pass, hold on beloved, keep your eyes on the prize, the holy one will never forsake you, he is here testing your faith.