• anna_joe 9w

    Like a small baby in the
    Middle of the night
    I slowly tuck myself
    And rest my head!
    In your arms,
    I can feel a tender peace
    I can feel heaven
    With you holding me tight,
    I have no other craving.

    All I need,
    That one look is enough
    that says you're always there,
    just like in a fairy tale book.
    Your eyes talk to me
    as the world stands still.
    My once empty heart,
    My broken sad soul is,
    now filled with love

    Your eyes tell me
    that you'll love me every day.
    No matter what may come,
    you'll be there to stay.
    No matter what's your situation
    Your always here for me!
    You make your time!
    You Love me!

    I tell you everything
    and never with a lie:
    all my worldly secrets
    and everything that once made me cry.
    Is no longer hidden,
    And There's nothing to hide!

    Every pain in my past, 
    Every pain in the present
    with you I can forget it all.
    I know I can trust you
    to catch me if I fall.

    If only I could explain
    how much love I have for you.
    You'll start loving me more
    But my request to you is that
    I want you to
    start loving yourself too!

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    All i need is that one look