• wolvurenru 25w

    Sweet tooth

    Even if I'm not hungry I'm still wanting to eat you like a snickers, break you in half like a kit kat & make you melt like a Milky Way .. today is payday and I need all my whatchamacallit yes that's Twix in you. I'm trying to do the tootsie roll with you... I'm just one of these nerds 🤓 for your attention. I got the real cow tail not the mini one ☝️ so I'm trying to pop your tart Nd see if you really do bust like gushers. Just like a Oreo you hold that cream on the inside. I love everything about those Reese cups perfect for my liking and at times understand I can be a air head but my intentions will always be Good Now n later. .. sometimes when I don't hear from you things move slow like turtles.. I'm just trying to hit homeruns with your heart like babe Ruth an ask for your forgiveness because I know you have zero tolerance, forever be my almonds and joy