• faodail 10w

    A moment came to me,
    It was a lot like the dead
    hanging around in my way,
    aching bad,
    I pull my blanket over my head
    about to despair because
    I think everything good died already
    In this dimness, when the sounds
    you made were foreign to me
    it still felt good to have someone,
    someone who just with his words
    made me feel the touch of a warm hug,
    Gave me my own little home
    Where I'd breathe, smile and 
    shed tears anytime I want
    and not just that but 
    also scheme, plan murders
    Everytime I felt like giving up 
    you inched your hand up
    toward my forehead, and 
    gently caressed it, 
    with your bright intense eyes
    as though, you were observer
    and me, a doppled source,
    asking me to hold on
    and wait for the rain to bloom 
    our flowers again and wash away 
    thorns from our roads
    Gardens are not made by sitting
    in the shade after all,
    some bear with their 
    sweat for those flowers 
    and some with tears
    Because of you,I believed
    seasons would change 
    and time would run in our best interest
    In the blue light, in the air,
    we left ourselves like two
    salt-starved bodies, 
    licking each others' sweat
    then rejoicing seeing that smile
    on both their faces

    I haven't spent much time with you, the space we had in between us was like two countries growing closer. You are the person with whom I can sit and talk for the longest time, you are a wonderful person at heart, from unfamiliar faces to a family, the journey was small but really beautiful. Even if some power changed our worlds, leaving us at different places, far where there'll be no gate to sneak in or windows to peep, these memories and thoughts of you would still make me smile wide. I thank God for sending such a beautiful soul to earth and for letting me have you in my life. Though it's your birthday today but trust me, I was more excited than you and celebrating it feels like I'm celebrating my own.

    I pray to the almighty to shower his blessings upon you, to give you a long and a healthy life with lots of happiness and success.

    Let's saddle and gear up for upcoming bronco years to explore together :")

    A very happy birthday ❤ @veloc1ty_

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