• rajnishshridhar07 23w

    I should get some rest.
    Should I have slept earlier.
    Sounds turned mute these days.
    And the air silent as well.
    I have been so dreaded,
    even the caves feel better.
    I crashed my wings into the hatred
    of love , of affection. My skin starting to
    rip off me, carved by the lies.
    I won't think of us, of you.
    Thinking of it would let me poision myself
    with life. When I run out of air,
    I will let it escape, let it go.
    'Cause speaking of you won't
    let it slip through my throat.
    I won't write, anymore.
    'Cause words heal, And I don't need healing.
    I should sleep. I should get some rest.