• blue_parrot 51w

    The Torn Button!

    She picked up the buttons carefully that torn from his linen shirt even though he didn't keep his promise as usual. “ Have dinner with me “ has now become, perhaps will always remain an unfulfilled, unheard wish that she has been harboring in her soul since their marriage. Yet she never stopped dreaming to live happily ever after.

    A new morning again and it happens to be a busy day. He doesn't talk to her much since she is not his choice but his parents. But this morning, something made him think, “ I can go to the office, attend meeting and get praised, because of whom? Because I never come home without my shirt button torn? I forget to iron press my office attires, make my favorite coffee in the morning” He doesn't need to pay attention to all of these and could have ignored but somehow this morning has knocked his conscience. “I never gave her a saree. All the sarees she has, either bought by her or been given but still, she always remembers how much my daily needs mean to me!”, he mutters.

    And that's how everything got changed after that. All you need to do is to put your faith on what you do, whom you love.