• pathways_of_words 5w

    I closed my eyes in an attempt.
    In a way of escape from such a sobering actuality.
    In an attempt to, somehow, communicate to someone.
    To someone in the next reality.

    It has to exist.
    Belief reaches out to grab ahold of the now not known.
    Where death transforms to a birth of a perfection to a new world that I can't clearly see.
    An eager and wanting inner curiosity screams for answers, yet for today, I want to live.

    I'm reaching out across the universe.
    Are you there? Who is there?
    It would be so nice to see them again.
    To see the ones that have been taken too soon and robbed of their next chapter.

    We shall keep on fighting in this disastrous world of confusion.
    Maybe a little of our good will erase some of the wrong.
    This is a piece of a peace of my desires song.
    Until this body returns to dust.
    Until this spirit travels to the next reality.

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