• writtenwords 5w

    It's peculiar when blooming flower of young love suddenly cringe away when it hits the wind of time. When we always have so much to say when we are in love, we like to show it off to our loved ones. But such emotions comes to a standby mode after a course of time, an amount of time dipped into getting old (basically ageing) changes everything. We want everyone to take us seriously. Love ages too along with us.And that's where the bane of life arrives, people calls it "maturity", how silly is that?
    Are we really sure what we are doing because the minute we jump into maturity all the boring thoughts and lame ideas of not doing silly stuffs suddenly starts to emerge in our mind.That's so boring. What a joyless life that would be.
    Problem is that we don't want to push our boundaries or take any risk when we start getting mature. Sensitivity of any senselessness looks idiotic to us.
    If that's living then I don't know what are we trying achieve in our life. I guess we were better when we didn't know the drill of life. Even when we don't know anything, we just pretend to know everything. How silly is that?
    Believe me....
    "When life punches you hard a mature tree will break but a silly little plant will comes back to stand against the reality."