• commoved_1803 9w


    Can anyone please tell me what sort of system is this...???
    Much of a rotten state and much of sanity amiss,
    What of a Prophet and what to be done as a preacher,
    Where the poor gets poorer and the rich more richer;

    History and Hypocrisy go hand in hand, hatching hecatomb,
    Peace only a delusion, a device put into force by atom bomb,
    Love is but a favour, an exchange for avid desires,
    And friendship, surrounded by flatterers and liars:

    Oh! Conspiracy mocks the government and rules
    Filled with heresy, treated with treason are the schools,
    Hail thee Holy Son! In your tender cares you take,
    And let my land, in virtue and truth, let it awake...!

    Such a piety prevail that's free from the wolfish snare,
    My lord! Have mercy and pay heed to my plaintive prayer...