• eniiee 9w


    You bruised my arms in delight
    Thinking it would shift my gaze to you
    You watched as blood gushed in relish
    Waiting slithering on your belly

    Yet through it all I'll look to the King.
    I'll rejoice in my pains,
    Cause a seed is born
    One who would bruise your head.

    I'll let the blood drip on the altar
    As I offer the bruised arms in worship
    He is the Balm of Gilead and in Him I am whole.
    Oh! The riches of his Person.

    Now gifted with new arms
    Ones refined, transformed and transcending.
    Along with my scars as a badge
    My scars, my mat, my testimony.

    In worship of the Everlasting King,
    Boundless and beyond human perception
    The Source, I AM
    My Father and my God.