• purvbhoj 10w

    Why do I feel suffocated?
    The tears are not against anyone
    The blame is not upon anyone
    But it's upon me
    For I was so insecure
    That every time she
    Had a wonderful experience
    I was there to be insecure and
    Ruin it in all the possible ways
    I regret it! I fucking regret it everyday!
    And that regret haunts me everyday
    I ruined her life,
    For I gave her only tears and pain
    For I made her frustrated with her life
    The good human inside me has died
    I am just not the guy I used to be back then

    Still after all this she stands besides me
    Holds my hand and says
    "You are a good human and
    I am here with you always don't worry!"
    She is the one for any guy
    But I don't deserve to be the one for her.