• vaguvix 23w

    The World Under Heaven - Prologue
    Narrative Poem
    I wish I am motivated enough to finish this series. i feel so empty.

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    The World Under Heaven - Prologue

    It is as they had said
    That something cannot come from nothing,
    That a light seeds from fire,
    Like how I'm here because, you.

    It is a paradox of reality,
    A counter-statement of a million chances,
    It is how our imagination dances,
    With all the denary , universe holds.

    You may live a living pastel,
    Interacting with the strings of predictability,
    But your heart will never stop,
    As I will make it beat.

    Do not fear my beautiful flower,
    As before you wilt, you'll bloom.
    And before you discover, you'll understand.
    And before we meet, we'll hug.