• joan53 6w

    Come, All Mankind

    Jesus was chosen
    Jesus did come
    Come to save us
    Come, He was humble
    Humble in a manger
    Humble in example
    Example of love
    Example of obedience
    Obedience to His Fatherl
    Obedience to truth
    Truth is His name
    Truth is His flame
    Flame in His eyes
    Flame in His heart
    Heart filled with love
    Heart filled compassion
    Compassion for sinners
    Compassion for suffering
    Suffering in Gethsemane
    Suffering upon a cross
    Cross was lifted up
    Cross we pick up
    Up to resurrection
    Up to heaven
    Heaven's many mansions
    Heaven's He went
    Went to prepare
    Went to dwell
    Dwell in hearts
    Dwell in life
    Life He gives
    Life, His forgiveness
    Forgiveness we seek
    Forgiveness we seek
    Seek Him often
    Seek Him always
    Always follow Him
    Always call His name
    Name is Emmanuel
    Name is Councilor
    Councilor His name
    Councilor to all
    All who seek Him
    All seek the Savior
    Savior of the world
    Savior of the mankind
    Mankind praise Jesus
    Mankind follow Christ