• writingmythoughts 5w

    As the clock strikes 12,
    I am reminded of you,
    The time we spent together,
    The good, bad and the ugly.
    We were inseparable,
    Nothing could take you away from me,
    Did I appreciate your presence, though?
    A million dollar question, if ever there was one.
    Maybe I took you for granted,
    That this would last forever,
    Didn't expect that the end would be painful,
    Or that I would miss your presence.
    The lessons that you have taught me,
    To consider every minute as precious,
    To consider every mistake as an experience,
    Not to repeat them in the next chance.
    End of a day, the 24 hour cycle,
    Could have lived a little more in the moment,
    Not to worry, you will come in another form,
    The tomorrow that I look forward to.