• jeje_d1 9w

    Sweet Vagaries

    After we toasted to good times, we had a good dance 'cos the music was right.
    Lost in the gaze of each other, we danced into oblivion, never to be found.
    I touched your body but it pricked me like cacti. A face I once cherised now harbours the scariest image of a monster.

    From the Bermuda triangle, I howled like the American coyote: Take me back to the future which the past anticipates!!!

    After a long walk through the dark tunnel, the light seem a million miles away. Like a lost ship, I could only hope for the lighthouse. I longed for a brook from the rocks. Will it quench my thirst? I don't care!!!
    Just in time, the skies cried, the rocks broke and the seed sprouted.

    Now the dance is better, be it Salsa, Cha-cha or Tango. Like the Ballerina's toe, being under the spotlight on the centre stage was worth the pain. The wine also tastes better, must have been from the ancient Spanish bodega.
    The scars from the travails of life are golden for in them are the true beauty of our being.