• mr_nkl_rai 5w

    It was all lost
    Lost in a place where she could never unearth, her lost love.
    It was all that she need which she claimed was hers.
    She tried hard to find it,
    Thought the next time she'd keep it safe,
    Protect it,
    And would never lose it again,
    If she ever finds.
    But li'l did she know
    The love she was probing for,
    It had no existence.
    No matter how hard she tried or cried,
    She'd never find.
    For the thing she thought is love
    Was never love,
    It was just betrayal in disguise.
    For she could never guess it was betrayal ,
    'cause what she confered was pure love.
    So she blamed love for her misery.
    Could you blame her for the misery?
    Or should you blame love?
    For either doesn't have a role to play,
    But 'either' are always blamed.