• danielpobz 5w

    A story about a one night stand. #Kiss #pod

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    Lately I got a fan
    My own private stan
    Hello there, what can I do for you miss?
    She says she only wants a kiss

    Even though I may look like an asshole
    She worships me like I'm the new apostolic bible
    But I'm not ready to settle in yet
    We can play but anything happens, don't fret

    I twirl her around like a circus whip
    She's too earnest to get me into a relationship
    I'm a hot upcoming gigolo
    Pump in this hut and next second I'm on the go

    We mingle around but once she starts asking for companionship
    Alarms go off telling me it's time to abandon ship
    So why don't you just suck this D
    You're a muse, so amuse me, satisfaction guranteed

    So active, I got myself into a pussy ban
    She doesn't care, says she'll do for just a one night stand
    "That was so great boo"
    Ew, that's the kind of word that sends chills and scare you

    Her name's Sharon, like the mega star Cuneta
    Get this mega dick as you scream as I fuck ya
    Conservative on the outside but in the sheets, she's insane
    I feel bad for her papa's plans 'cause they're in vain

    We hit it in the park
    On the bench she gives me head in the dark
    She kneels down, doesn't mind getting her knees scrapped in the dirt
    Beats it up till I bust all over her red marvel tee-shirt

    Blow her brains out like a sexy tramp
    But I ain't planning to stay after she gets my stamp
    She's a pretty little lady
    I'm sorry but I'm gonna pass at being your baby