• caesarborgia 9w

    Unspoken words

    Some words are unspoken,
    But are spoken in silence.
    Words which kill men,
    Or provide with defence.

    Unspoken words are mystery,
    But not the understanding soul.
    Unspoken words will be a history.
    Letting it out isn't a goal.

    Unspoken words are sorrows.
    Which joviality trapped.
    Once it's furrowed,
    Path to happiness shall be mapped.

    Unspoken words are secret,
    Which one needs to understand.
    It's due to fate,
    That many can't withstand.

    Unspoken words are suppressed questions!
    Which still longs for answer.
    Such answers can bring menace,
    Hence unspoken for far.

    Unspoken words are of dark past,
    Whom none can feel!
    Joviality has now rust.
    Happiness is still.

    Unspoken words are waiting,
    For you to understand truth.
    Unspoken words killed well being,
    Killed my lifelong growth.

    By Koustav Bhanja Choudhury