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    I wish, I can call him my super hero again. #Chains

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    Everything I couldn't

    "You'll become everything I couldn't," the voice resounded in our heads.
    The track, long.. Just like dad's expectations and high as his pride.

    When my brother started running, I sat on my dad's lap in the shade of luck. I remember the smiles on my lips when I was called the best but I failed to see my brother's choked soul faded in the shadow of my dad's most-loved.

    When he was told "You'll become everything I couldn't," he ran tirelessly, dropping the stethoscope along with his dreams to pick up the transistor and be what my dad couldn't.

    When dad walked us through his lane with cheeks turned pink to tell us how he fell for my mom, we dreamt of falling for the one just like he did.

    Now that my brother has found his queen, the author of his life isn't pleased. He yearns to write not just the past but future too.
    I'm not sure if I should be happy that I'm loved more or sad that my brother's cared more.