• nitanshi_ 46w

    May be a diary entry.

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    Yesterday, after three long years, I met him. It was my friend's birthday party- Aanya, my friend and his girlfriend... As soon as I set foot into the hall, I knew my eyes were looking out for him, seeking him at every corner out of all the guests and friends. I didn't want to look out for him, and was still trying to forget him. Some part of me did not want to come. Then I saw him- there he was, standing against the wall at the back of the hall to, smilinng like a little kid. He was dressed in black with a wrist watch which glinted in the light. His big black eyes, searching for someone- "Aanya! Here you are my baby. Happy birthday sweetheart!." He wished her wth a bunch of red roses. Roses... Roses like the ones which still lie within the folds of my diary- a ll dried, turned brown. Time takes the colour off everything. Everyone was busy with their own stuff. Gifts, wishes everywhere! And here I was, sunk into a corner, sitting all alone. Alone? No, not alone exactly- it would be better if I was alone- but surrounded with the memories flooding in my heart and soul. Some teardrops soaking the fabric of my dress in big, round fuzzy spots. I was not crying exactly. Maybe it was just that my dress needed some pearls. Or so I told myself, like everytime.
    "Hey," the same familiar voice bumped into my ears. I startled a little swiftly shook myself and somehow managed my tears to blurt a "Hi!" to him.
    He talked so normally, like nothing awkward was there between us and never had been. "Do you still love me?" He asked after a short normal conversation. Do you still love me. Do I? I dared not ask myself. I knew the answer already. I trembled.
    I looked into his eyes, a number of thoughts shuffled in my mind. What should I tell him? Yes, I still love you and I will love you forever? You were the best thing ever happened to me? I remember all your silly talks, fights, gifts ,smiles? I still remember talks we had till four in the night?

    A soft "Does it matter?" was all I managed to mumble.

    "I'm with my GF, you see. Don't you have a BF too?"

    You fool I never felt that again. I thought.

    "Yes I have a bf and he loves me." It was all I managed to say.

    My phone rang. It WS my mom. And she insisted that I come home soon.
    And I left.