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    My first wolfstar script! Hope you like it ����

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    What's Clubbing?

    JAMES: I'm bored
    LILY: Okay, go do something?
    JAMES: let's all go Clubbing!
    LILY: we are not going Clubbing!
    SIRIUS: *in Remus' arms* what's that Moony?
    REMUS: *looks down to Sirius* what's what?
    SIRIUS: Clubbing?
    REMUS: Oh, well...
    LILY: *interrupts* don't tell Sirius what it is!
    SIRIUS: please gorgeous! *begs*
    REMUS: erm... Lily?
    LILY: resist it!
    REMUS: he used gorgeous!
    SIRIUS: mmmm.... please *puppy dog eyes*
    REMUS: Awh, Lily help!
    LILY: Remus John Lupin!
    SIRIUS: baby?
    REMUS: *whimpers*
    SIRIUS: beautiful?
    REMUS: *internally dying*
    SIRIUS: my moon?
    REMUS: it's getting too much...
    LILY: Remus no!
    REMUS: it's a place you go to dance and drink
    SIRIUS: oooo that sounds fun *kisses Remus*
    REMUS: *blushes* sorry
    LILY: Dammit, Remus.
    SIRIUS & JAMES: let's go!

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