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    Boys With Luv

    ( VI - Friendship or Love♥️ )

    { Krystal's Pov }

    "Krystal, sign here." My dad said and I started signing the marriage contract papers. Turning the pages over and over, contract not ending at all. At last Taehyung and I signed all the given papers and now our families started talking about our wedding, which I wasn't ready for.

    "Ok, so it's final!" Mrs. Kim said while slamming her hand against the table happily. I looked at her, thinking what she was talking about as I didn't hear any of their conversation.

    "The wedding is in 5 days!" My mom said, being excited not because of her daughter's wedding but because of their business getting emerge.

    They then exited the room, leaving me and Taehyung alone. I wanted to ask many things but didn't knew how to start the conversation. I looked up, founding that he was already looking at me, his eyes held an emotion, I couldn't understand.

    When I finally have the courage. I asked, "Why are you even marrying me?"

    He stared at me, completely ignoring my question. I asked him again, hoping that he would answer this time. But I got no response.

    "Can you fucking answer me?" I asked but he was still staring, as if he didn't bother to answer .

    "Because money matters to me more than love." He fianlly said, his voice held no emotion at all. How cruel can someone be?

    I stood up from my chair, "Don't you love Yuna? Or were you lying all this time to her? I hate you! How can yo-" I was cut off in between when Taehyung slammed his hand against the table, getting up.

    "You think you're the only one questioning why? My life was peaceful before you came into the picture! So stop acting like you're the only one who is hurting!" He yelled at me while pointing his index finger at me. I jerked at his shout and started feeling afraid.

    My tears were flowing freely from all the frustration I've felt. I sat on the couch, brought my knees up and hugged them before I started sobbing.

    "You think that it's easy for me? Because of this fucking contract I have to marry a bastard like you, who doesn't even know how to respect girls. " I yelled in between the sobs.

    "Because of me!? Who told you to sign the contract papers?" He yelled.

    "Did I even have a choice!?!" I asked, yelling.

    "Did I have?" He replied with a question.

    This time his voice was soft, giving me chills down my spine. He had the audacity to make me feel like I am the bad one in this situation when he clearly was the bad person. Now, I am feeling guilty and I don't even know why.

    He just stared at me. Slowly, he started furrowing his brows. He opened his mouth to say something but all he did was to shake his head and went out of the room. Of course he had to slam the door.

    Now, I am alone, sitting on the couch and crying.

    { Jungkook's Pov }

    I was searching for Krystal everywhere, but she was nowhere to be found, so was Taehyung. I wasn't feeling anything. I just wanted to talk to Krystal and sort this all. I trust her, she can't just go and marry someone else.

    I knew that Taehyung was forced to marry someone because of his parents but I didn't know that, the someone was Krystal. I ran upstairs, checking every single room, hoping that she will be in somewhere.

    "Oh, Sorry- Taehyung!?" I bumped into someone and it was Taehyung, my best friend or should I say, my girlfriend's fiancée?

    "Where is Krystal!?!" I asked him, not in so polite voice. I was mad at him, I know it wasn't his mistake but I couldn't control my anger.

    "She- wait, I want to talk to you first." Taehyung said and dragged me to the terrace. I wanted to ask him, yell at him, but nothing came out from my mouth. My brain was filled with so many questions, but my lips were numb.

    "Jungkook, our famiy buisness is not in a very good condition and the only way to save it is marrying Krystal. My mom wanted me to become successful, to achieve something in my life and to take the company to another level." Taehyung sighed before completing, "It was her last wish, before she left."

    "I know I am being selfish, but I have no other option."

    "I-I don't know what to say." I said while shaking my head.

    "I understand. I just want you to trust me." Taehyung said and I looked at him, confused.

    "This marriage... Is just for one year. And other than business, it means nothing." Taehyung said, trying to assure me.

    "I know but.."

    "Just trust me, okay?" Taehyung said and I just nodded in response.

    [ Meanwhile ]

    { Yuna's Pov }

    "Taehyung?" I opened the door of a room, which was far in the corner, thinking that Taehyung might be in there. But he wasn't. I was going to close the door shut but I stopped as I heard someone sobbing.

    I walked inside the room and saw Krystal sitting on the floor, head on her knees, crying her heart out. At first, I wanted to yell at her, ask her why didn't she tell me that her so called fiancée is Taehyung.

    She looked up at me and then quickly looked down at the floor as if she was guilty and couldn't make an eye contact with me. Her eyes were now red because of all those crying and she was shaking.

    I ran towards her and hugged her. I didn't say anything to make her feel good as I wasn't in the condition to do so. We just stayed there for sometime till she finally broke the silence.

    "You should go and talk to Taehyung."