• bloodyhex 51w

    The Confession

    K immediately noticed the quiet as soon as he entered Gohar's apartment.

    A movement in the balcony had him reaching automatically for his pocketknife. There was a little moonlight strained his eyes to see who it was.

    Opening the French doors, he stepped out into the thin air.

    Gohar was sitting in the dark, elbows on her knees, head lowered like she was grieving. K knew something happened then. Something bad. He'd never seen her so subdued, so alone.


    The only acknowledgement she gave him was a slight movement of her head.

    Slowly he approached her. This was the first time he willingly sought her out after weeks of being with her. His eyes adjusted in the darkness and he could see her clearly now. He hadn't seen her up close in so long that the sight of it hit him like a punch. Even in sadness, he couldn't help admiring her beauty.

    “Do you want to be alone?” he asked softly.

    It was moment before she responded. “No”

    He sat beside her quietly, waiting for her to give him a sign, anything so he'd know what to do.

    “My parents why they abandoned me?” she said after a while. Her voice was detached as if she just ask him to pass the salt.

    There was nothing he could say to her to make it better. Slowly, he reached for Gohar’s hand, holding it in his. If he could give her anything it was his presence at this moment. Her hand was cold as his was warm. He used both his hands to rub her warm. He glanced at her face. He could see the sadness pulling down the corners of her eyes. Her jaw was tights, lips pulled back in a disapproving curve.

    “K!” She whispered so low that he had to strain towards her to hear. She gave him this name, since it’s a lot easy than pronouncing his name.

    “They… They left me to rot while i was in hospital. Now that I'm all fine they still treat me like I'm a burden to them, why now? I'm sick of this! I'm all better now.” Her hand fisted in a tight ball as her anger surfaced. He knew she was barely holding it in.

    “I hate them! I hate everyone.” She yelled

    “Does that mean you hate me too?” He's trying to cheer her up, but instead she punched him in the gut.

    K chuckled, wiping the tears off of her cheeks. He cupped her cheeks gazing in her eyes. “Forget about them, forget about the world… j-just…” He takes a deep breath drowning in her eyes.

    So without any questioning doubt, K leaned on top of her, pressing his lips with her.

    Her lips were soft, pressing into hers gently as his arms circled around her waist to hold her tightly against his chiseled chest. His other hand raised to cup her cheek, holding her head in a place as he opened his mouth and consumed her slowly.

    “I love you, Gohar.” K said after a while.

    “I love you too, K” Gohar wrapped her hands around him, not wanting to leave him.