• sana_spoken 5w

    One Year Later

    I'd forgotten what it had felt like
    Didn't think it would be reinstated
    Until I had seen you unwillingly
    It felt like just yesterday that we dated

    I'd forgotten the effect you have
    Dooming upon me like a permanent scar
    I honestly believed I had let this go
    But apparently I haven't moved very far

    I'd forgotten the pain you create in my heart
    Taking the easier route was never my style
    But seeing you so upset has done me harm
    For I was only known to create your smile

    I'd forgotten to hand it to time to tell
    How much more we are able to endure
    It's felt like months and years have gone by
    I used to say we’re over when I knew I wasn’t sure

    I'd forgotten how to live without you
    It was a painful path to get back on
    But I always knew this was the right call
    Slowly, I’m finding my way out of this maze we’ve drawn