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    Sometimes after life seems to be much fascinating than the present life.... But what if you realise that your life was just an illusion to chain you up ......

    Will you still continue living ? Or will you try to find what's beyond this life... ? Will you be that chained creature in a dark room or will you fly up in the sky ?


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    While breaking those chains hanging from celling.... She realised they were not just hanging from wall but had a deep and strong connection .... perhaps was constructed so as to prevent breaking.... But the light outside was all that she could just imagine .... Yes... From that thin Ray of light.... From that tyndall effect in age old dark room in which she was tied since ages..... But the rust that was gradually engulfing her creativity and her power to imagine what the world outside seems like was literally haunting her..... She was a little bud gradually turning into a wilted flower who was forcefully made to escape that beautiful era of her glory.... Her blooming period..... It feels like she was being chocked ..... Still she resisted.... She resisted each wound... She resisted every single cut ..... She resisted every single humiliation from those unseen voices... From those unseen people ..... Yes ! She was brave enough to heal those wound beautifully and to be dormant and when they thought she was gone ... When they thought she was defeated and now she won't ever rise again.... A devilish roar of laughter echoed that dark room ..... but to everyone's surprise .. she woke up..... She wasn't a fragile girl anymore..... She was someone who she used to be .... Strong .... Beautiful.... And confident.... She rose above .... Breaking those rusted chain.... She smiled and fluttering her beautiful wings she flew high up in the sky ..... Far beyond anyone's clutch !

    Yes !
    She was strong enough to be dormant to unite all her strength and prove none but herself that she is ❤