• nidenl 4w


    One friend I know is you.
    One Thing that makes me Polite is you.
    One Thing that changed my Life is you.
    One Thing I only want to get lust with is you.
    One Thing that makes me happy is you.
    One Thing that makes me sad is you.
    Only memories I have is you.
    Only one love I know is you.
    Only I dream about you.
    Only my warn place is you.
    Only one thing is you.
    My day starts with you ends with you.
    My sun and moon is you.
    My day and night is you.
    You control me, running everyday, everynight, everytime only you..I only knew you
    You..you..you...these four walls knows about you...cause I got some regular habits of you and this habits were you..I know today cause beautiful thing starts happening because of you..you left but I keep making your promises cause I promised you I'll be better and it's for you....This feels awesome after you before you...I fall for your bad habits of your things,