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    And a tag that is stuck on them the minute they are born "LADKI HAI TU".
    In a population of crores that is still on a constant rise girls are also born and raised well "technically brought up" I would say.
    In a world which was made to coexist on the terms of love it has now become a mere game of tug of war.
    Both women and men are gifted with their own abilities and nothing makes them any less than each other.
    So why do women have a tag when men have none even when they reach the peak of success?
    "25 pe shaadi aur 30 pe bachhe" well why? Because "ladki hai".
    We are living in a world where equality exists for none and same things have different purposes just because the gender is different.
    Girls should know how to do cooking and other house chores not because these are basic life skills but because they are girls.
    Even now when the world has progressed miles if a marriage breaks the women has to bear through the grunt even though the cause was mutual reasons but still,
    the ending for a women is marriage even though she has her whole career stretching its hands to her. Marriage is a constant for a women because she is a female and supposedly she needs a stick for support even though she can provide just fine for herself, but no she has to have a life partner even if it means crushing her dreams, why? Because we live in a space called SOCIETY where even the way a girl sneezes is judged.
    Ask yourself,
    Why if we see a clumsy driver the first thing that comes to many minds is that "ladki chala rahi hogi"?
    Why are women always 'supposed' to behave in a certain way when men aren't?
    This is neither support for women nor criticism to men because where we live doesn't even have equality for men.
    Feminism is being shouted about on the top of voices but first those people should understand that feminism doesn't means tarnishing the image of men but upliftment of the tag on women.
    What makes any girl or boy less than one another?
    No one is born a genius and when we are born every baby cries regardless of the gender they belong to so why are there so many bondages?
    Boys aren't supposed to cry girls aren't supposed to be rough.
    I have to laugh that their is a supposed way for girls to even eat, sit and sleep.
    I mean both boys and girls function on the same basic needs food ,water and shelter and everyone needs a space where they can be themselves and just breathe.
    What no one is supposed to do according to me is giving free advice and unwanted judgements because It is way too easy to give a judgement but mighty difficult to actually face one yourself.

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    She wanted to learn boxing,
    they made her do the cooking.
    He wanted to learn ballet,
    they made him do accounting.
    She laughed loudly, they snapped.
    He cried his heart out, they slapped.