• eternallypurple_starstruck 10w

    If someone ,very close to you, just leaves you alone on the path you both were walking on together..let them go. Because even if you try to explain their value for you to them they wouldn't care because for them they have found someone more valuable than you for them. So, it is quite simple to deal with it. Just take your step and start walking...move on. Maybe somewhere out there someone must be left alone too or waiting for you to accompany them. Look there are many speeches and videos and quotes which might motivate you for some time but the actual motivation that'll really help you and will ensure you truely get inspired is when you motivate yourself by yourself. So, we shall all just accept the kinda rejection cause at the end of the day it's somewhat their loss. I hope you all must relate and find this advice useful. I won't say...hope it reaches the right person for me...as then this advice would go wasted as I'll break the chain that is supposed to be followed.

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