• queen_butterfly 10w

    A ray of light

    The leaves crunch under my feet
    All crushed and dried up;
    The road in front of me winds long,
    And I walk like a lonely pup.

    The trees, my only companions,
    Are leaving too.
    The mountains, they stay close,
    Looming in the darkness that just grew.

    Darker and darker the stars blink out,
    The woods ain't friendly any more;
    Now whispering to each other dire secrets
    I now have no wings to soar.

    The light inside me has gone off,
    No hope left,
    Can't see the beginning, nor the end,
    My faith has been the victim of theft.

    The cold air whips around me,
    The mist, it just seems to grow,
    I can't rely on anyone now.

    Then all of a sudden I see a ray of light lighting up the path,
    I follow, with a little hope, a little doubt;
    As I step onto the lit path, I think,
    Maybe, just maybe, there might be a way out.