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    There is a story of the Buddha that one day he was holding a flower and yet all his disciples were there. Ananda the 7 disciple. he was starring at the flower in Ananda just smile and buddha smile back and that was the end of ceremony it is very famous is called the silence ceremony. no one spoke a word. everybody went to Ananda. They said what happened, to seem he saw something else, was he saw was a flower. Ananda said I saw the flower but I also saw the rainbow, sunshine and earth and water and wind I saw the infinite consciousness. I saw the void I saw the stars and I saw the galaxies and I saw the infinite formless consciousness pretending to be a flower at this moment, ok that's called divine consciousness. Where God is not difficult to find. But impossible to avoid. Because whatever you see seems in all three dimensions physical, shuttle, infinite formless.

    now you have this amazing miraculous experience because you connect with the divine in all things. there something even more beyond that is called unity consciousness. where you realize that the consciousness in flower in the Galaxy in the tree is the same consciousness and all the perceptual differences are in space-time but this is beyond space-time.

    And when you buried in that you see the whole universe as an expression of your own being it called unity consciousness.
    Text: Buddha (the silent ceremony)

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    The silent ceremony.