• bhavyameena 23w

    That day though....
    A year ago somewhere in mid June me and my two friends (Alan and max) were sitting in a park bunking our evening classes.
    Literally talking nothing except shit (hahaha).
    Alan was telling me some story from his college I was listening to him very attentively taking in everything he was saying. " I was about to go out but he pushed me back and we both fell down" Alan said and I let out a heartily laugh on his extremely funny story.
    I was laughing when wind suddenly swept across my face making my hair a bit messy. I pulled all my hair back and was tryna do them in a ponytail when my eyes caught something on the entrance of the park.
    Something really attractive and amazing.
    "A guy" (hahaha I know you were like duhhh) even from this much distance I was able to make out his feature a little. As he was sitting on his bike talking to some guy standing next to him I could clearly make out that he has a great smile.
    He was really breathe taking.
    I was taking in the detail and was lost in my own small world when Alan interrupted my thoughts by giving me a punch in the arm.
    I let go of my hairs and cursed at alan for hitting me so hard.
    Wind blew again but this time leaving me awestruck. As I gazed back again on my "attractive someone" I could see him getting inside the park.
    He was walking towards us while looking down in his phone.
    My my i could seriously hear violins in the background.
    His black hair nicley set but dancing with the wind. His broad torso ahh every girls dream (I guess) that walk though so flawless as if like he's floating, gliding.
    He was tall approx 6-6'1 i guess with a good heavy built physique.
    Well seems like the gym freak kinda guy.
    As he was coming closer towards us it suddenly dawned on me that oh my god i have been staring at him from like ages and "he's actually coming towards us" "to us".
    I drew my attention from him to max and alan again.
    They were talking about i dont know what crazy stuff.
    I was not able to make out I was too much consumed by my own thoughts and thinking what if he saw me staring at him and why is he coming to us?
    As he approached us he said hey to alan and than to max. The way they met i simply knew from that they are good friends. As they were done greeting each other he looked at me. Oh my God he was looking at me saying "hey !! I am Ben" and all I was doing is looking at him with a awestruck expression. After a minute silence I finally said hey coming back to my sense and giving a sharp look to max who was eyeing me with a grin on his face.
    As he sat down and started talking to alan and max . I took every detail of him . Shiny brown eyes in which I was lost when I said hey (yes I was lost in his eyes and yes it took me a minute to get over that) small cute nose, shiny black hair well they look smooth and silky and long too well not very long but ya long enough to make a man bun (hahaha) , French beard, nicley carved lips soft and looks even extremely good when they form a smile... Smile!! Huhh oh shit I was staring at him again and he caught me, he was looking at me oh my god. I looked away as if to pretend i didn't saw him smiling at me and I Was Not Staring At Him.
    After a moment of blushing and making myself calm again i looked at max who was telling some story about him and ash ( my other friend). Max and Alan were discussing all the details of the story when I heard his voice clearly for the first time. Calm, sensuous, a hint of sweetness in it but a little rough too. All over a calm manly voice that you can listen for hours.
    I was taking in every detail and was trying not to look in his direction directly.
    He didn't talked a lot to me he was mostly talking to max and alan but I was happy with that. After an hour we all decided to head back home.
    As we started gathering our stuff and stood up for leaving i realised that he was actually very tall and big in compare to all three of us. Perfect mills and boons character "tall, dark and handsome" as I was again looking at him he looked towards me too instead of looking away I looked him straight in the eye maintaing an eye contact after a second he did what he was not supposed to, melting my ice letting my feelings flow like a river....
    He smiled at me.
    His heart warming breathe taking gorgeous smile took my heart away (whatever little piece was there)
    I tried a lot to not go down that road again but it was too late now, I was already in love with this gorgeous creature that I don't know is a demon or an angel...

    And here I lost my war. War of never feeling for anyone